Acorn Ventures
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Venture Capital Introduction

When entrepreneurs are building new companies, they face many challenges in a high-velocity, fast-changing environment. Growing companies need to rapidly assemble the people, the technology, the partnerships and the capital necessary to reach critical mass. It is essential that entrepreneurs find the right venture capital partner.

At Acorn Ventures, we're not just investors. All of the managing partners of our venture capital division have been the founders, executives and owners of numerous companies and have subsequently taken their companies public or guided them through successful mergers or acquisitions. We understand the entire scope of value-add venture investing from start-up to IPO because we've sat on both sides of the table.

We enjoy a strong reputation for relationship building and partnering with our portfolio companies by providing them with access to our resources, contacts and expertise, not just our capital. If we decide to partner with you, "our network becomes your network".


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