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Venture Capital Funding Criteria

NOTE: The investment criteria described below outlines our general venture capital strategy and investment approach. We suggest that projects not matching the criteria below be submitted to our investment banking division for review.

Industry Focus
We are primarily looking for companies in the technology, Internet and education industries. Specific markets of focus in those industries are provided below:


  • Broadband
  • Infrastructure
  • Wireless
  • Software


  • Enterprise
  • Consumer


  • Enterprise
  • Consumer
  • Retail

Our technical understanding and fundamental market knowledge enable us to quickly review new business proposals in the above areas.

Stage of Investment
We primarily invest in early-stage companies. The table below outlines the investment stages of interest to our firm.

Level of Interest
Idea Only None
Seed Low
Startup Medium
1st Round / Series A High
2nd Round / Series B High
3rd Round / Series C Low
Later Rounds None
Mezzanine Stage None

Investment Size
Our typical investment ranges between $1 to $5 million per round. If a project requires more than $5 million in funding, we will work with other venture capital firms to raise the amount necessary to meet the company's needs.

Geographic Locations
We invest across the United States. However, the majority of our current portfolio is located in the western US.

Type of Investment
We primarily make equity investments. While we sometimes use debt instruments to supplement an equity investment, we are not lenders and do not participate in debt-only investments.

Management Team
We are looking for a team dedicated to growing an exceptionally successful business and having the knowledge, experience and track record to do so. Demonstrated success in previous undertakings, entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to create shareholder value are necessary attributes. The team does not have to be complete. We often assist in filling it out.

Proprietary Product or Service
We are looking for highly differentiated, unique and significantly superior products and services. A clear analysis should explain why customers will purchase the company's product or service rather than purchase a competing alternative.

We are most likely to invest in a company that addresses customers in large, growing markets that can be identified and accessed economically.


...or, if you don't fit the above criteria, we suggest you visit our Investment Banking division for more information.


For additional details or to inquire about our criteria for participation,
Please send us an email at:  Partners -at-