Acorn Ventures
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The Acorn Team
Cliff Girard, CEO
Mr. Girard has over 25 years experience as a CEO and President, Advisory Specialist and manager in the software, information technology/services, and computer supplier industries. In addition to gaining experience with numerous companies including Network Solutions Corporation, IBM, GMS and Acorn Ventures, Cliff was also the founder and CEO of 6 successful high-technology companies, and has led numerous corporate internet and e-commerce site implementations.

He was also instrumental in successfully managing the turn-around restructuring operations for ICS, Inc., a company that, at the time, had suffered over 3 years of losses.

Mr. Girard's passion for continuing success includes his strategic marketing and technical focuses, corporate positioning strategies, as well as the ability to execute large operational business plans. Cliff's strong technical and marketing skills in software engineering, as well as his skills in creating and strengthening a company's organizational purpose and goals, has helped companies achieve a highly motivated team of individuals who work at their highest capacities. 

Charles Duff, Executive Vice President
Charles Duff has extensive experience with Electronic Commerce, projects and business models. He has performed due diligence on high technology companies for investment and business development since 1983. This included evaluating opportunities for investment by venture capital and private equity investors.

Mr. Duff has excellent software skills and has managed total-solution Internet E-Commerce implementations from initial concept to successful conclusion tying together multiple vendor components

In the early 1990's Mr. Duff ran a conference and exhibition company with a presence in 42 countries on five continents.

Board of Directors and Senior Management
Our Board of Directors and Senior Management have the insight and experience to help Internet and e-commerce entrepreneurs achieve their goals and reach new levels of success. These individuals possess an understanding of business and government that comes from years of managing, financing and guiding growth-stage companies.
Special Advisors
Experts in a number of areas including e-commerce, web technologies, marketing, financial and entrepreneurial companies are continually being added to advise and assist Acorn Ventures and/or its Portfolio Companies.