Acorn Ventures
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Business Services
How Acorn adds value to your Business
     Having faced the same issues in our business, we understand the issues you face in developing your business.   While the Internet poses a tremendous opportunity, it also presents significant risk. Acorn's experience can shorten the time to success by providing Internet companies with necessary financing and management services and to achieve success.
Equity Financing for Emerging Companies
     A significant issue within growing companies is financing. Acorn offers a number of financing options: Angel Investment, Venture Capital and Private Placement.  Our goal is to be a good partner and work to acheive value in your company.
Business Development Strategies
     A significant issue within developing companies is sales, target markets and service offerings. Our experience helps your company focus on the market which will bring the most value.  Business Development Strategies are designed to meet and exceed your company's goals. By focusing on synergistic services, key accounts and new business developments, we have demonstrated success for start-ups.
Strategic Alliances
     The Internet runs on partnerships and strategic alliances.  Acorn has relationships with companies already in leadership positions in the industry.  Strategic Alliances offer numerous benefits to enhance the strengths of companies. Finding the right partner is a win-win relationship.
Management Consulting
     Our management team has extensive experience in all phases of business: management, human resources, finance, accounting, law, information systems and marketing. We work to ensure clear understanding of business issues by both US and International companies. Our management expertise helps your company with the necessary government and regulatory filings. Our services include incorporations, letters of agreement, contracts and SEC EDGAR electronic filings.